Builder’s Clean


Renovating a house or apartment can be extremely stressful. Particularly when the work is done but the mess is left behind.  Air BnB Service has an experienced cleaning team available who have dealt with many post-construction clean-ups throughout Auckland. The main problem with renovation clean ups is making sure that all the dust and debris is removed from the places that people don’t regularly clean themselves. Air BnB Services will ensure that: 

  1. Walls are cleaned for dust, fingerprints or any smudges
  2. Cobwebs are removed and ceilings dusted
  3. Door, window, tiles, electrical switches are cleaned for any dust or paint stains
  4. Closet, shelves and drawers are vacuumed and dusted inside out
  5. All the kitchen cupboards, drawers, benchtop, and sinks are dusted and cleaned
  6. The bathroom mirrors, sinks, shower doors and toilets are all clean and shiny
  7. Decks are cleaned with a mop and vacuum
  8. Debris, trash and rubbish is removed

After a professional builders clean by Air BnB Services, your home is ready to be decorated and furnished.

If you want to take photos for a holiday home listing or to put your house up for sale, we can assist you with furniture hire and home staging services.